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Here at Custom Iron Craft, we provide a wide rage of services for commercial businesses. Whether it is a welding a bucket loader, repairing a trailer frame, or reinforcing a dump truck with a welded steel plate, we are able to supply the right solution to business needs. Custom Iron Craft is here to help with all your welding needs and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Of course we do live in New England and often get plenty of snow. At Custom Iron Craft, we offer CUSTOM-built back drag blades for your plow. Our customers are consistently satisfied with these products. Many of our clients have commented that they don’t know how they ever plowed without a back drag blade on their plows.
When the driveway or area you are plowing has been driven over several times and the snow has been packed down, your snow plow just skims over the top of the snow. With a back drag blade, you can pull all the way in, drop your plow, and back drag all that packed snow. You can get up nice and tight to garage doors, retaining walls, granite curbs etc. and back drag it down to just about bare pavement with no more frozen ruts.

For those of you that would like to customize your truck whether for style or strength and durability, come to Custom Iron Craft for your needs. We can provide ladder racks, light-bar brackets or heavy duty bumpers or brush guards. All products are custom made for your personal needs.
Want to modify your bike? The options are endless. Call or stop in any time and talk to owner/operator Jon about your next customized job at Custom Iron Craft. These are just a few examples of services Custom Iron Craft has to offer. If it involves welding, fabricating, installing, working with steel, aluminum, stainless, reinforcing, customizing or repairing, we can do it! Custom Iron Craft is always ready to get local businesses back to work or help a client custom design their truck. It is our goal to make your job easier and at competitive prices.


Looking for a partner for your next custom steel fabrication project? We offer a wide range of welding services.